Military Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Military cakes are a favourite boy's birthday theme as well as a way to honour a service member in your life. Several kinds of easy cakes can be made with frosting, food colouring and sheet cake. Those looking for a challenge can find complicated designs, too.

Equipment Cakes

A tank can be a fun and easy military-themed birthday cake. Stack a smaller rectangle atop a 9-by-11 sheet cake. Frost it in green, black, brown or camouflage style. Buy fondant at a high-end kitchen supply shop and cut out wheels, tread, windows and letters to personalise the military tank cake. Add a pretzel rod covered in frosting for the cannon.

A Navy fan may enjoy a boat-shaped cake. Decorate the boat deck with action figures or planes to simulate an aircraft carrier. Stack two to three layers of sheet cake and trim the edges to make them resemble a boat. If that sounds too challenging, use a base layer of sheet cake for the ocean and a smaller layer that you can cut into a boat.

Children's Cakes

Military-themed birthday cakes are a popular choice for children. Although kids will love equipment cakes, they also will like a landscape-style cake, especially younger children. Create a desert landscape with high hills. Sprinkle white cake crumbs or ground-up cookies for texture.

Pose military men throughout the landscape and let the children move them around the cake. You could do a forest landscape with greens and browns or pose military men on a desert island.

Emblem Cakes

Emblems are another way to remind the military person in your life that you appreciate his service. The armed forces offer official seals, symbols and patches. There are so many to choose from you could even make several styles of patches out of dyed fondant and top plain cupcakes with them. If you're using fondant to assemble the emblems, trace the pattern on a sheet of parchment paper and cut the exact dimensions.

Official symbols are another way to honour someone in the Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force or Navy, especially if you are baking for an adult who doesn't want something that looks juvenile. Images are readily available on the Internet, and you'll find hundreds of emblems to choose from.

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