Golf birthday cake ideas

Updated June 26, 2018

A golf birthday cake carries the theme of the party to the food table. Many elements of the game of golf transfer well to birthday cakes. The golf fan will appreciate seeing a bit of his passion celebrated at his birthday party. A homemade birthday cake adds a meaningful touch, but these ideas can also be used when ordering a cake from a bakery.

Golf Bag

Bake a sheet cake for the golf bag. Cut the cooled sheet cake in half lengthwise. Stack the halves with a layer of icing between them. Carve the edges of the cake to create the appearance of a golf bag. Ice the cake with frosting in any colour. Add little pockets and other details with the frosting. Make a handle for the bag and some golf clubs out of fondant. Attach the fondant handle to the side of the bag. Place the fondant golf clubs at the top of the cake as if they are sticking out of the bag.

Golf Ball

Use a three dimensional ball pan to make a golf ball cake. These pans typically have two halves that are baked separately and held together with a layer of icing. Slice a small piece off of the rounded side of one half and place that side on the bottom. This will give the cake stability. Place the two halves of the ball together with a layer of icing between the layers. Ice the outside of the ball with a thick layer of white icing. Press the rounded part of a melon baller gently into the icing to create the bumps on a golf ball.

Putting Green

Start with a baked and cooled sheet cake for the putting green cake. Ice the cake with green icing. Use a grass tip for the green icing, which has several holes for strands of icing. Mark an area for the putting green. Smooth the green icing in that area. Add a sand trap using brown icing and crushed graham crackers. Make a flag for the golf hole using a wooden skewer and a piece of colourful paper. Mark the hole with a dot of icing, and place the flag by the hole. Add a golfer figurine to the top of the cake.

Golf Cart

Use a baked and cooled sheet cake for the golf cart cake. Create a template of the side view of a golf cart. Place the template on the cake. Cut around the template to make the golf cart cake shape. Remove the template. Ice the cake and decorate it to resemble a golf cart. If the guest of honour has a real golf cart, model the cake's decoration after it.

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