12th Anniversary Gifts for Men

Updated April 17, 2017

Traditionally, the 12th wedding anniversary is celebrated with gifts of silk or linen. A variety of gift options are available for men celebrating this anniversary. If you want modern options, pearls are an up-to-date suggestion.

Silk Handkerchiefs

Every man needs a handkerchief, especially if he wears suits regularly. A handkerchief, or pocket square, is a fine accessory that will complete a man's look. Choose silk handkerchiefs in his favourite colours or patterns. They should coordinate with the suits he wears as well as his shirts and ties. You can try buying him 12 silk handkerchiefs, one for each year of the marriage.

Silk Ties

A silk tie is an elegant addition to a man's wardrobe, whether he wears ties every day or only on occasion. The best way to select silk ties is to visit a men's wear shop or the men's department in a clothing store and talk to a knowledgeable sales associate about the different qualities of silk ties. You can choose between woven (contains depth and a tactile pattern) or printed (flat and without texture) silk. Regardless of trends, you should buy the silk tie that the recipient will like best or complements his wardrobe in the most flattering way.

Silk Pajamas

Silk pyjamas, bathrobes and boxer shorts are luxurious intimates. Men's silk pyjamas are often found in standard colours like blue and black, but with some searching, you should be able to find additional colours as well as patterns. Most men will be very appreciative if their wives choose silk pyjamas for them and purchase and wear silk lingerie themselves.

Linen Clothing

Besides silk, you also have the traditional choice of linen for a gift. You can always choose linen shirts or slacks if you know the man's size. For men who live in tropical climates, linen garments are perfect for warm weather. Just make sure you know he'll like and appreciate clothing as a gift and that you know his taste.

Modern Day Pearls

While you may think pearls are only for women, there are gifts you can buy for a man that contain this precious jewel. Cuff links or tie tacks can have pearls set into them. This is an idea that works for the man who appreciates little details.

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