How to Make a Tarzan Loin Cloth

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In 1914, Sir Edgar Rice Burroughs published a novel titled "Tarzan of the Apes," which spawned a series of similar Tarzan adventures and introduced Tarzan into the pop culture lexicon. Tarzan was a human raised by apes in a jungle, and his outfit consisted of a loin cloth made from animal skin. If you want to make a Tarzan loin cloth, visit your local craft or fabric store and first choose the fabric you want. Fake leopard print fur or leather in earthy tones such as brown or tan can give your Tarzan loin cloth a more authentic feel.

Measure the length of your waist with a measuring tape. When measuring, keep the tape at hip level. Divide this measurement by two.

Lay 1 yard (about 900 cm) of your desired fabric on a table. Use a pen to mark your divided measurement in Step 1 on your piece of fabric.

Measure the distance between the top of your pelvic bone to the middle of your thighs. Mark this measurement on your existing marked measurement so that the two measurements create a "T" shape. The horizontal line of the "T" will be the measurement across your waist and the vertical line in the "T" will be the measurement from just above your pelvic bone to your thighs.

Add 3 extra inches to each side of the horizontal line of the "T" shape. Use a pen to connect the three points of your "T" so that it now looks like a triangle.

Cut the triangle out of the fabric using scissors. Lay this triangle on another piece of fabric and trace around its edges using a pen. Cut out this second triangle so you have two identical triangular pieces.

Locate two horizontal end points of the "T" shape and tie them together. Pick up your triangular pieces of fabric and wrap them around your hips, with the tie snugly on your left hip. Tie the remaining right sides on your right hip.

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