How to Assemble Bissell Proheat Turbo X2 Water Tank

Updated April 17, 2017

The Bissel ProHeat 2X is a home cleaning system designed with the user in mind. The 2-in-1 water tank is especially user friendly. Pour clean, hot tap water into the bladder in the main compartment and cleaning formula into a separate compartment behind the water tank. Clean water from the bladder mixes with cleaning formula and sprays onto your carpet during operation. Dirty water from the carpet stores in the same water tank outside the bladder so the clean and dirty water never mix and you only have to assemble one water tank.

Lift up the tank carry handle on the top of the water tank to remove from the base of the vacuum. Carry the water tank, like a bucket, to a sink.

Unhook the latch on the back of the water tank and lift up on the handle to separate the top tank from the bottom. Fill the bladder in the bottom tank with hot tap water.

Reattach the top tank to the bottom by carefully hooking the lip of the top tank into the groove of the bottom tank. Secure the latch on the back of the tank and gently lift on the handle to be certain the two tanks are secure.

Carry the water tank back to the vacuum and slide it back into place in the base of the machine.


Do not boil or microwave water before placing into the bladder; this will cause damage.

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