How to clean velvet corduroy upholstery

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Velvet corduroy makes a plush, durable upholstery with a soft, luxurious feel. It is often treated with a stain guard product for easy care. When considering how to care for your upholstery, avoid excessive heat that can shrink the fabric.

Use products designed for upholstery cleaning to avoid water spots and dry the upholstery quickly. Vacuum your upholstery weekly and blot up any spills to maintain its appearance.

Look at the care label, usually found under the cushions. If the velvet corduroy is made of pre-shrunk cotton and has a label code of "W," it is probably machine washable. Remove the cushion covers and zip them up. Wash the covers on a gentle cycle, using cold water. Dry them in the dryer, using a warm setting, and remove them while they are damp dry. If the velvet is made of nylon or acetate and has a label code of "S," it isn't water safe.

Vacuum your furniture that is not water safe, including the cushions, back and arms. Vacuum underneath the cushions, as well. Inspect the furniture for any rips, weak seams or loose buttons. Sew or repair damage if possible.

Spray the upholstery with a commercial upholstery-cleaning product. If the upholstery is labelled with an "S," choose a solvent-based cleaner. Extract the cleaning solution using a commercial steam-cleaning machine with an upholstery attachment or a home steam cleaner. Take extra care along the edges and in between the cracks of the furniture where the cleaning solution may collect.

Brush the velvet corduroy with a soft brush to restore the soft pile of the fabric. Use a gentle circular motion. Set the cushions on a sheet of plastic in a tepee configuration so they'll dry rapidly. Open windows and run fans to hasten drying.