Indian wedding gift ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Indian weddings are steeped in culture and tradition and are often lavish celebrations. While the details of an Indian wedding, such as ceremony rituals and food, are important, so are the gifts that are given to the newlyweds. Whether the wedding is very traditional or blends in modern customs, there are certain gifts that are ideal for giving at an Indian wedding.


One of the most traditional Indian wedding gifts is gold and silver jewellery. Provided that you know the size of jewellery that will fit the couple, consider giving bracelets, chains, rings, watches, necklaces, pendants or anklets. Engraved jewellery, coins and pendants make lovely Indian wedding gifts as well.

Household Decor

Household decor items are standard at many weddings, but there are certain decorations that are traditional to give at Indian weddings. Aside from crystal pieces, electronics, cutlery and place settings, consider giving decorative paintings, silk bedding or throws, silver or jewelled candle stands, a diya lamp or jewelled photo frames.

Small Luxuries

Sweets, chocolates, ittar, bottles of perfume, a silk sari (if you know the bride's clothing size) and speciality paper make nice gifts at Indian weddings. For the more modern couple, you may want to given them small luxuries such as gift certificates to their favourite stores, spas or salons, or a weekend package at a luxury hotel.

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