Army bedroom decorating ideas

An army themed bedroom is perfect for kids and teens, and both boys and girls. To decorate a bedroom with an army theme, you'll need to find the right accessories and tap your imagination to make camouflage and army green more fun.


Paint the walls in a camouflage design or hang camouflage wallpaper. This does not mean creating a camouflage design from ceiling to floor. It would be best to limit the design to one wall or create a 2-foot horizontal strip all the way around the room. The rest of the walls should be painted one of the three colours from the camouflage pattern.


Search for army surplus furniture such as desks, tables and chairs. You will want a traditional bed, but you can paint it army colours.


If the camouflage room is for a girl, you have some options to make it more girlie. One option is to do the camouflage design in a combination of pinks. The other is to add pink accessories to the room because the colour meshes well with army green. For boys, go full-fledged army with the design. Paint the the walls that don't have the camouflage design army green. Use lockers instead of a dresser and spray paint the lockers army green as well.


There are thousands of army and camouflage accessories on the market in both boy and girl colours. There are army posters, army nets that you can install on a wall or ceiling, and bedding you can use to finish the room.

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