Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist, and I'm going to be talking to you today about how to do a cranial massage at home. It doesn't matter if you have a massage table or not, you can have the person lie in a bed. Just make sure that your level, your chest is in front of their head and that way you're not torquing your body or leaning over too much and you're going to not restrain yourself. So you can get a stool or a yoga ball and you want to make sure that they're comfortable, nice a warm and before you apply the oil you're going to gently place your hand on their shoulders just so they get used to your touch and do a little bit of a compression, back and forth. Then you're going to swoop your hands kind of let the back of your hand lay on the table, swoop under their head and grasp their occiput and their occiput is that ridge right at the back of the head so your fingers are going to kind of look like this, swoop under and lean back just a little bit. So you're keeping your chest open and you're just leaning back, move the head, support the head on either side under the neck and on the left side move to the right, create a little bit of a stretch, move to the left and back to center. Then you want to just gently swoop up, temporalis muscle, do some circular motion and I'm not pressing real hard just using the pads of my fingers, nice and slow. This is really great for tension, stress, headaches, general relaxation, helping the person go to sleep. And then in between these two fingers place the ear and I'm going right behind the ear and gently pulling back. To get into the scalp and I transition I'm going to turn the head by supporting it on either side and then with the pads of my fingers, swoop up the occiput and just do some circular motions. Even if they have long hair, you want to get into the hair so that you don't get tangled up and then with the pads of your fingers do some circular motions. And you can do this all around the scalp. So I want to do the top, again with long hair, I just swoop in in circular motions and I'm still leaning in with my body and come into the forehead and I really don't need any oil or cream at this point, circular motions. I can work on some pressure points at the top of the head. It doesn't matter if you know where they are, just do some pressure, not very heavy, just lean in with the body. If the person is uncomfortable, they can let you know. Really the best thing to do is think about what you would like when you're getting a massage and they can give you some pointers if they need you to change your position or pressure. And that is cranial massage at home. Thanks and be well.