Lavender essential oil is really great for relaxation. It's good as an anti fungal, an antiseptic and it's really easy to make. You take a dark jar so the sunlight doesn't break down the oil and lavender that you can buy at any home store or any gardening shop and grow it yourself. Or just take it to use to make your oil and take the leaves and put them in the dark jar. You can use dried leaves from last years lavender plant or fresh leaves. The fresh leaves I think work better because they pull, the carrier oil pulls the oils out of the plant material. Fill it, fill your jar with some sweet almond oil or even olive oil and or cooking oil and pack the jar tightly. Fill the jar with oil and put it away for a while. It's going to take a couple of months but you can put it in a cool dark place, test it every once in a while. When your carrier oil has the strength of the fragrance that you want your oil is done. You can use it straight, you can use it in bath salts, bath powder or put it in a satchel, a little cotton ball in your drawers. And then you will have lavender essential oil that you can use for pretty much anything. That's how you make lavender essential oil.