Hello, my name is Rebecca Herrick I'm a massage therapist here in Everything Peaceful in Wilmington, North Carolina. And I'm here to show you how to make a massage table. Maybe you have someone that you need to work on where you don't have an actual portable massage table and you need to make do. So here I have a piece of two-inch thick foam. You can, if you have this around, it's great, but if not, no big deal. And you just want to put a clean blanket on the floor. Have a couple of pillows around when, for when the person is laying face down, you can have a pillow underneath their chest, and then also a pillow underneath their ankles and then a pillow to rest their forehead on, like that. If they're laying on their back, you can have this pillow be under their heads, supporting their neck and then the other pillows underneath their knees, supporting their knees. It'd be a good idea to have a couple of towels around, towels are a great tool for propping and bolstering. You can roll them up like this and support the shoulders or anywhere that there's a gap between their body and the floor. And that would be how to make a massage table.