List of Foods That Lower Triglycerides

Video transcription

Hi, this is Rachael Richardson, with Nutrolution Incorporated, in South Beach, Florida. Triglyceride levels are actually three glycerol molecules together, it's triglycerides, and they come from sugars in the diet, as well as certain types of fats in the diet kind of banding together, and it's a precursor for high cholesterol levels. So, we always want to, when you go to the doctor you want to have your triglycerides checked to make sure that they're on par and they're not trending up over years of time. And the foods that you're going to use to reduce them if they are starting to go high, or they're healthy and you want to keep them healthy are basically your vegetables, your low sugar fruits, so things like blueberries and strawberries are your low sugar fruits; your berries in general, and so these are the foods that you want to focus on, as well as healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados, and healthy lean proteins. This is Rachael, with Nutrolution, in Miami Beach, Florida.

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