Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dana Johnson, and I'm here with a cool craft for older kids. All you'll need is a plain white bandanna, a piece of wax paper, a fresh flower. And you can use either a hammer or a mallet. In this case I didn't have either one so I'm going to use the back of a spoon. Okay so you take your piece of wax paper. Take a fresh flower. Any kind, bright colors are always nice. And then you take the bandanna with your wax paper underneath. And you just start firmly pressing down until the ink starts coming through onto your fabric. Okay so after just repetitively doing the same motion you can see how the color bleeds right through into your cloth. So here's the beginning of a beautiful bandanna. Having a yellow flower and next to it also is a green leaf. So now I think I'm going to go to my garden and find some other brightly colored flowers from another bouquet and finish the rest of this out. You can also machine wash this in mild detergent. Just be sure not to use any bleach.