Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, licensed massage therapist and owner of, and in this video I will be showing you techniques and talking to you about massage for neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition that manifests as numbness and tingling. It can happen pretty much anywhere in the body. Typically, we'll see it in the hands and feet, and it could be caused by a number of different reasons one of them is injury or it could be from diabetes, so you want to make sure if you are going to massage someone that they don't have any contraindications for massage. You can also talk to them about getting permission from their doctor. If you're the person that has the neuropathy, you want to find a licensed professional. You can go to Generally, Swedish massage is really good if there is some sort of a stress situation going on causing tension in the muscles or there can be a nerve impingement. If there is a nerve impingement, something like Thoracic Outlet Syndrome that's coming from the pec muscles you want to work on those areas, any muscles that are affecting the nerve causing the neuropathy. There is a particular stroke for loss of sensation or tingling especially in the longer limbs. If someone is bedridden, something I like to do when they're affected by this and I just want to warn the person before I do because it could be a little ticklish if they still have some sensation above the area of neuropathy. So very soft you want to open your fingers, spread them about this wide and it's called nerve stroking. So you just gently stroke the area, really soft and this actually stimulates the nerves and sometimes people will even report that they feel the tingling increasing to the fact that they're sensation was increasing. So almost immediate results. Most of the time they are temporary but if someone is getting regular massage, you will be working with their doctor or any specific symptoms they're having and working on any injuries they might have. It could be more long lasting results but nerve stroking is very specific for neuropathy. So again that is massage for neuropathy. My name is Nicole Aleskas. I'm a licensed massage therapist. If you need any more information on massage or wellness, you can go to my website at Thanks and be well.