Video transcription

Hi, did you know scarves are just not for around your neck? Hi, I'm Wendi Braswell, the Beauty and Style Expert. I'm here today to show you how to use scarf as a head covering. Well, this is my favorite; I love old movies and all the classic. This is actually called the Kelly, named after Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, she rocked this at one point. You're simply going to tie your scarf and do a triangle; you've seen this and you're going to tie it around your neck. This is also good for bad hair day. You're simply going to tie it around the neck. How chic and retro does she look? That's the first way to use scarf as a head covering. Love it! Adds color, brings out the sparkle in her eyes. Second way, you're simply going to take the ends, you're simply going to bring it to back and loop it around into the front and tie into the knot. This is a little bit more secure, so, if you are in a convertible like Grace Kelly, you're going to tie it into a knot to the side. Love it! It's a second way to use a scarf as a head wrap. The third way which I love, very easy; you're going to start with a ponytail holder. Put your hair up securely. You're going to take it; you can actually roll it if you like. You're going to take one end and loop it around and tie a knot, secure knot. And you want to leave one uneven, so one should be shorter than the other. That gives you color. Accessory is great head wrapping with a scarf. Love it! That's the third way; easy way. So that scarves are not just for around your neck; they're, they are great head, head covering too. So, if you'd like more style tips, you can reach me at