How to Tie Salami

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Tying a salami is an overlooked but important step in the process of making salami. The first knots ensure that the sausage casing does not come undone and empty out its precious contents onto the floor.

The ties around the length of the salami help keep its shape and ensure a tight sausage that hangs, cures and dries well. There are various methods of tying salami; some are complex, almost like weaving a net, while others are simpler but just as effective.

Tie a regular knot in the end of the salami around the salami casing right where the meat stuffing ends. Fold the tail of the casing over the knot, then tie a second knot around the first and the folded casing tail. This is called a bubble knot and prevents the sausage stuffing from falling out the end while hanging. Repeat on the other end of the salami sausage.

Cut a length of twine approximately 4 times longer than the salami. If it is a very fat salami, cut it 6 to 7 times longer.

Leave a tail of around 10 inches on the twine, then wrap it around the salami sausage about an inch from one end. Cross the ends of the twine and pull the short end back towards the end of the salami closest to it. Pull the long end towards the other end of the salami. Leave the tail end of the twine loose for now.

Guide the long end of the twine straight down the salami an inch, and pin it with your thumb. Wrap the twine around the salami and tuck it under the twine where you have it pinned with your thumb. Pull the long end of twine down straight another inch, and pin it again with your thumb. Continue wrapping the twine around the salami, pinning it while crossing the twine threads and pulling the long end down straight. Continue until you reach within an inch of the other end of the salami.

Hold the tail end at the top of the salami, and hold the end of the twine piece at the other end of the salami and pull them. The twine will tighten along the whole salami. Tighten until the desired tension is reached, then tie off both ends of twine to their respective ends of the salami.