Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm a fitness instructor at Gold's Gym. I'm going to show you a few abdominal exercises that you can do with a resistance band. Okay, so get yourself a band. I like the ones with handles, they're pretty great. So, what I'm going to do is take the band,wrap it around my feet, kind of right at the arch of the foot. You don't really want it at the balls, the ball of your feet. And, a great way to kind of make sure it doesn't smack you in the face, because it'll happen, kind of cross the ropes, you got like the X going on there. So, a simple thing I'm going to start with, I'm just going to roll down, and it's going to be a roll up. Chin to chest, and I'm going to roll up off the floor, and I'm actually going to lift the straps up. I'm feeling the abdominals. Lower it down. So, chin to chest, come on up, and lift the arms as you do this. And, the abdominals are working hard, I'm feeling them. So, it's a roll up, and you're just lifting the arms. So, come on down. One more. Chin to chest. So, I'm doing it nice and slow, I'm not jerking up. And, roll all the way down. So, that's kind of a great way to start with a resistance band, but I'm going to take it up a notch, so watch this. When I come up, I'm going to bring the legs and the upper body up at the same time. Hold strong with lower back straight, and then come all the way back down. So, I'm just going to bring it up, hold it, what? Come on down. That's pretty fantastic, because you're getting some arm work there, core strength, and you actually feel a little bit more stable, because you've got the band. Come up nice and easy, and then all you could lower the legs, and then lower the upper body down, that's another option. Okay, I got one more. So, I usually hold the handles, going to switch it up. Going to let the feet have a chance to have the handles this time. That's why I like the resistance band with the handles. Just kind of like it. So, got that. Going to choke up on my band, lower back straight, I'm going to lean back. All I'm going to do is maybe it's like a bicycle or something. Just kind of pressing, like a pedal. Push the pedals, push. So, I'm holding this strong pose, the low back is straight, the abdominals are pulled in. And, as I extend, right here, working the middle, but it's working the obliques as well. Four, three, two, one. So, those are a few things you can do that are pretty fantastic with a resistance band.