Video transcription

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we're going to talk about Swedish massage techniques for the abdominals. For this, you will need oil, a massage table and work space. Whenever you're working on the abdominals, you want to use a little bit of oil first; apply that, warm it up in your hands first and just work all the way around somebody. And when you're working on the belly, you always want to work in a stroke that goes along way that the colon goes. You have an ascending, transcending and descending colon. So, always work in that direction. This is called the sun and moon stroke. You have one hand that's making the full sun all the way around and this hand just makes the moon stroke. Sun and moon is the most popular and easy to do of the abdominal strokes. You can also go back and forth across like this, kind of lift up through. And then, you can also do what we call the wave, you're just kind of waving through. The thing about abdominal work that is nicest, people end up with a lot of just stuff in their, all their organs down here, get stuck in, yucky and this kind of helps loosen connective tissue and make sure everything works properly. When you get in here through the diaphragm, working through there, open that up underneath the ribcage and you continue to do a little bit of sun and moon while stroking through. You can also do a little bit of vibration if they're having some issues in there that need to be loosen up. You can vibrate around in there, that will help too. And that's some of the techniques you use for abdominal massage.