Video transcription

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we're going to talk about how to use deep tissue massage tools. For this, you will need massage tools, a massage table and workspace. With the deep tissue work, the main tools that you have are actually the tools that you have in, on your body which are your hands, your thumbs, your elbows, your forearm, all those are the tools that you want to use and you have to be careful about how you use them 'cause certain times, parts of your body are better to use than others for certain techniques. So, you want to save your thumbs and really don't use thumbs on large expanses of the body because you're going to waste them and, and burn them out too quickly. But, if you need to get into an area and do deeper work, you can use your fingers or your thumbs in here, you know, where it's harder to reach with an elbow or something. But, when you're using a broad expanse of muscle and working on that, you can use your elbow and your forearm, sink down in there and use that elbow to get in there on certain areas. You know, use the forearm here; you can use your fists, that can help you get in these areas like around the sacrum. Fist is excellent for that and also, do a little bit of cross fiber along the erectors if you're breaking things up. So, hands, thumb, fists, fingers, forearms, elbows are all fabulous deep tissue massage tools. But, if those feel like they're not enough for you, there are a couple of different things you can utilize too and they are more than just these. There are a lot of things out on the market; but, these are two that I happen to have and one is just a knob on the thing that you can use. And that way, if somebody has a lot of deeper trigger point things and you don't want to burn your thumbs out, using this, you can use this to get in there if you want to. I use this very often mainly because I don't feel like I can't connect as well and feel what's going on in the body when, when I use the tools. And another one is this one, it's just kind of a, like a connection of your body. You can get in there and work along with that, kind of saves your thumbs too. So, you can use those and there's ones with little knobs on the end; you know, that you just hold in your hand. There are lots of different tools out there that you can use. But, I have still found that my body and the parts that are attached to it are the best tools I have for deep tissue work. And that's how you use deep tissue massage tools.