Video transcription

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we're going to talk about deep tissue massage for the lower back. For this you will need oil, a massage table and work space. Whenever you are working with deep tissue massage one of the first things you want to do is warm up the muscle tissue. So today since we are working on the low back, I'm going to warm this up. I'm using a lotion instead of an oil because it gives me a little bit better glide without being slippery and remember with deep tissue work, you are wanting to connect with the deeper muscle layers and the connective tissue and soften and lengthen and break up adhesions that may occur in the muscle fibers between those and the connective tissues. One of the things you can do that's really helpful is to come over the hip bone here and then sink in to the quadratus lumborum muscle right here and you can feel that when you get to here. It's like you just kind of hit a wall, a muscle. This can be really tender on some people so if it is, just ask them to breathe through it. Are you okay with that pressure? Okay and you know, keep going with that but you know, lighten up if you need to but remember deep work is about the intention, going slow, going deep and you can get in on this QL, get in on the sacral area here. You can really get in here and work deeply through here. You know, try to use your hands, your fists, your elbows and your arms a lot. Try not to use your thumbs too much when you are doing deep tissue work because it will wear them out pretty fast and get in here and work along through here and all this is part of the way you do deep tissue massage for the lower back.