Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nghia Tran, and I'm a coach here at East Bay Badminton Association. Today, we're going to talk about the long hand for beginners, both backhand and forehand. The things you need for a long serve would be, a racket, a birdie, and of course the standardized court. The goal of the long serve is to get as nice, and high and deep and far, on to your opponent's side so that it opens up the court for you. To do the long serve with the forehand, the first step is to have a nice forehand grip. From there, have you dominant leg; if you're right handed, that would be your right leg, in the back, holding the birdie, but on the feather, facing forward with the cork facing forward. Position yourself so that the birdie is in front, and the racket is down here, next to your sides, wrist locked and ready to swing. Start by releasing the birdie first, before you swing. A lot of beginners make the mistake of dropping and swinging at the same time. The timing would be off and you wouldn't get a very good shot from that. So, make sure you hit it in front of you rather than to the side of you. Start by dropping the birdie, count one, and then swing with a full pivot motion. This is the forehand long serve. To do a backhand long serve, start by positioning yourself with your right foot in front, racket in front, at an angle. Hold the birdie with two fingers on to one of its feathers, and position it in front of your racket. Start by pulling back and locking your wrist, and as you approach forward, go at a fast and powerful speed. This is the backhand long serve. And that was the long serve, both forehand and backhand, for badminton. My name is Nghia Tran and I'm a coach here at East Bay Badminton Association. If you would like to know more about the serve, or about the sport, feel free to visit us on our website at