How to Make Tudor-Style Necklaces Images

The exploits of the Tudors, the English royal house that included Henry VIII and his six wives, live on today in countless television dramas and films. Through dozens of court portraits, historians have a realistic view of the richness of Tudor clothes and jewellery.

For example, in a portrait of Anne Boleyn, King Henry's second wife, her signature letter B necklace is clearly illustrated, making it simple to replicate. So whether you love the style or are planning for a costume party, you can make a Tudor necklace.

Lightly sand the wooden letter to remove any rough edges and prime with two coats of white craft paint. Allow to dry completely and then paint with pearlescent paint to simulate a pearl finish. Again, allow to dry completely.

As the letter dries, begin creating a rosary chain by using 1-inch gold eye pins and round pearl beads. String a pearl bead on each pin and create a loop with round nose pliers. Mark the round nose pliers with a permanent marker as a guide to give the pins the same diameter when bent. Create as many links as needed to make a two 8-inch chains.

Once the letter is dry, screw four eye screws into the letter, one on the top centre, and three evenly spaced along the bottom edge.

With the head pins, string the teardrop pearl beads and create a loop at the top with the round nose pliers. Hang the three teardrops to the bottom eye screws.

Assemble the necklace by attaching a jump ring through the top eye screw of the letter and inserting the two rosary chains into it. Finish by adding jump rings and a clasp to the ends of the chains and wear.