The Specifications for Reshafting a Ping G10 Driver

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The Ping G10 driver is a popular driver model released by Ping in 2008. The driver was released to the golfing public with myriad shaft options. Golfers can re-shaft the Ping G10 driver with ease but need to take note of certain technical items.

Shaft Tip Size

The hosel bore on the Ping G10 driver is .350 inches, which requires a .350-inch shaft. Golfers can install a .335-inch tip shaft if an adaptor or a shim is installed into the club's hosel before installing the new shaft.

Stock Swingweight

The Ping G10 driver is sold off the retail rack with a swing weight of D3. Swing weight is the relationship of the weight at the clubhead end of the club to the weight at the grip end of the club. If a new shaft is installed and the D3 swing weight is to be kept the same, seek a shaft with the approximate weight of the stock shaft. For every nine grams of shaft weight added, the swing weight is affected by one swing weight point (from D3 to D4). For every nine grams of shaft weight removed, the swing weight is lowered by one swing weight (from D3 to D2).

Club Length

The retail length of the Ping G10 driver is 45.75 inches. After installing the new shaft, check to make sure the club is the same length. If the club is longer, trim the butt end (grip end) of the golf club to the desired finished length.

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