Video transcription

Hi, my name is Kyle Polak, a soccer coach from Wilmington, North Carolina. Today, we're going to demonstrate some shooting techniques for beginners. For this clip, you'll need a soccer ball, soccer cleats, soccer field. The first one he's going to do is using the laces for, mostly, for power. So, what you want to do is, have your plant foot nice and close to the ball, have your ankle nice and locked, knee up and follow through, perfect. So, his foot is, plant foot is nice and close to the ball, knee is over the ball, his toe is locked down, facing to the ground. When you follow through, you want to land back on the shooting foot and follow through, perfect. Let's see it one more time. Plant foot nice and close, bring the knee up, over the ball, lock the ankle, toe down follow through, perfect, back on the plant foot. So, that one is mostly for hitting for power. The next one, what you're going to do is, use the inside of the foot, ding the ball around th goal keeper. So, what you do is, have your plant foot a bit further away, from the ball this time. Keeping your toe up, see it, so your foot is perfect, toe is up, foot is square, then you're going to be able to turn he ball around. So, you're here, and turn it around, very good. Let's see it one more time, toe is up, perfect, very good. That's for bidding the ball, right to left. The next, what he's going to do is, going from left to right using the outside of his foot. So, this time you want your plant foot a little bit close to the ball, and you're here, keeping the ankle nice and locked, good. Knee is over the ball, ankle is nice and locked, toe is pointed down. You want to hit the inside, so the ball goes left to right. So, let's see it one more time, perfect, plant foot set, toe is locked, ankle is locked, perfect, very good. You want to land back on your same shooting foot. So, those are three basic ways of shooting a ball for beginners.