Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sarah from Saraveza Bottle Shop in Pasty Tavern in Portland, Oregon, and I'm here to tell you how to open a keg, or as we say, how to tap a keg. First of all, you're going to need a keg of beer. Secondly, you're going to need a tavern head, or you might have a pump style system like you see at parties. In either case, the operation is the same. The thing you need to know is, in one line, gas goes in or pressure goes into the keg. It goes down the keg and it pushes the beer out into the glass or into the pint. So, while you might not have these lines, you might have a pump that acts as a line of gas or pressure, or you might just have a spigot instead of a line of beer that goes to a bar where beer is poured by a bartender. So, now, here's where we get to the point where we open the keg or we tap the keg. You want to find these areas, these little open spaces on the tavern head, and you want to line them up with these teeth that you see on top of the keg. You line up the teeth in the space of the tavern head, and you're going to twist clockwise. Once the tavern head is twisted and you can see that it's secure by lifting or shaking, you know that the first step of tapping the keg is complete. Secondly, you need to take this lever that you see here, you need to pull it out and push it down. That locks the tavern head in place. And now, you just need to get the beer out of the keg. And you do this in my case by turning on the gas. Again, the gas pushes the beer down, allowing the beer to come up and out of the gas line. If you have the pump system that I mentioned earlier, you might just have to pump your pump system, rather than turning on the gas. I'm Sarah, and that's how to tap a keg of beer.