Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott, and I'm Director for Instruction for Teacher of Champions Golf Schools here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today, we're going to talk about sand, sand shot tips. So, the number one thing in your sand shot is the bottom of your golf club. It's called the bounce and to have enough bounce on the bottom of the club to be able to get the club not to dig in the sand. The edge of the golf club is your enemy, the bottom is your friend. So, when we go to hit a bunker shot, instead of having the club face straight up and down and square to our hands, we like to have it turn a little bit to the right or open. That way, the bottom of the club can hit the ground instead of the edge. What we don't to have happen is to dig. We don't want to dig in the sand; we want to bounce through the sand. Bounce through the sand. The bottom of the club bouncing through the sand. So to do that, we open that club face. Well, when we open our club face, it points off to the right. So, we have to have, if this is the line we want the ball to go on, we have to stand on a line that's more open to the left. So, we open up a little bit, get that club face open; now we just get the club up quickly and let the club bounce through the sand. The key, one of the best ways to practice out in the sand is just with no ball. Practice throwing the sand onto the green, out of the bunker. To get the sand out of the green, you're going to get the ball off the green. You really don't hit the ball first, you hit the sand first. So, we're going to get the club face a little open, get our feet a little open. Push your knees forward and throw that sand out of the green; that sand up on that green. Work the sand; that's the best way to work on it. So, when you get your shot, first thing you do is you got to open that club face a little bit. Now, get your arms out in front, get a little bit of a wide stance. I like to scrunch my feet. Watch the sand, not the ball. You watch the ball, you hit the ball first. Watch the sand and throw the sand on the green. It's a much simpler action than we make it. Most people try to swing hard and explode, it's really technique that it's all about. Getting the club to work off the bottom of the club instead of the edge of the club. This is Conan Elliott and that's sand shot tips.