Hi, my name is Victoria Calvin with Splish-n-Splash Mobile Pet Spa in Miami, Florida. Let's talk about the benefits of Coconut Oil for your dog. When we refer to Coconut Oil, we're talking about virgin, untreated, undiluted Coconut Oil. This is commonly found in stores such as whole foods, or any place that has natural, organic products. While the research on Coconut Oil effects on a dog are in its early stages, it is definitely proven to be quite beneficial so far. Coconut Oil is commonly used as a food supplement or as an additive in vitamin supplements that help your dogs skin, coat and joints from the inside. However, there are also studies that have shown putting Coconut Oil on your dogs skin directly helps alleviate dryness, as well as reduce swelling from insect bites such as fleas, ticks, as well as mosquitoes. Applying Coconut Oil to your dogs skin directly also help alleviate rashes, hot spots. Hot Spots are areas on your dogs skin that almost look as if they have a rash, they can be anywhere from a light pink to a dark, dark red color, even sometimes purple. Their very uncomfortable to your dog, and they're most commonly caused by matting, but some dogs are more prone to them and do get them a lot. If you notice your dog is munching with his front teeth on a certain spot, you want to check to make sure that he does not have a hot spot.