We are going to talk about how to heal a hematoma in a dog's ear. What is a hematoma? Well what that is essentially is a broken blood vessel that fills up a small cyst or sack under the skin within the ear. It lies between the skin and the cartilage. Now there are many causes for this type of thing. An ear hematoma is generally caused by an ear infection, ear mites are also very itchy, allergies can do that, lots of different things, trauma, that sort of thing. Most of the time what is happening is the dog is shaking it's head violently, because the ear is so painful or itchy. Also they can be scratching with their legs, and just damage a blood vessel on the inside of that ear thus allowing that ear flap to fill up with blood. Now there are several sizes of hematomas. Now some small, and some large. Always check with your veterinary clinic, and ask them for the correct diagnosis, and also if they or how they would treat that. Very small hematomas sometimes can be managed with just time. They may heal, they are always going to scar down, and be a little thicker right there. But that could heal within maybe a month. Now large hematomas usually require surgery. There are a number of different ways that surgery is managed with these guys. Either a through and through suturing, and opening the ear up or by drain tubes. So check with your veterinarian, and see what is the best appropriate therapy for your dog's hematoma.