Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we are going to talk about how to care for anthurium plants or little boy flowers. They are a beautiful plant that is pretty easy to grow as a house plant. So the materials that you will need are an anthurium plant, an either lava rock or a container with soil. The first step always put your anthurium plant in a sunny window. They need bright sun, and yet they don't want to have late afternoon sun if it is a really warm climate or late in the summer, because they will just cook. So the key is full sun as in a morning sun window or lots of artificial light. But they do need lots of sun to grow well. Next step keep them watered at all times. They don't want to sit in a lot of water, they want to drain out, but yet if they dry out even one time sometimes you lose them. Because they are a tropical plant, and they like moist jungle atmosphere so you want to make sure they stay moist enough. So I've got this one in a container with some rocks, and some water, and the lava rock just soaks up the water, and it waters it as needed. Anthurium are a beautiful addition, especially to your home garden, because they just are so rewarding and beautiful foliage, and you always make sure that they get enough light, and they never dry out. You want to water them, but let them dry out in between, but never let them get too dry or you will lose the leaves. They are a great addition to your garden.