Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to care for and grow a sweet potato. Now sweet potatoes come in many shapes and sizes but they are no different than other potatoes in the fact that you can grow them pretty much anywhere as long as you give them some sun and something to grab on to because they do make a vine. The easiest way that I have found to grow any type of potato is right into some composted material, some straw, grass clippings as long as it is good and airy but moist enough and you can use a big garbage can and just put some of that in there and basically it's going to grow from any eye so that's the eye right there. So you can just put it right into the compost or the grass clippings or the straw, keep it pretty moist maybe add a little bit of compost to it and you will find that the sweet potato will come right up and it's nice to use any type of a trellis or tomato cage for it to grab right on to and that makes it really easy that way and you can also take a sweet potato just like any other potato and my rule of thumb too, it's been in the refrigerator and start sprouting, that's the best time to start it and you can just put it right into the soil, cover it about three inches deep, give it something to grow on to and it will come right up. Now the best time to plant them is in the Spring but you can pretty much plant them any time of the year and they'll just get on a natural cycle and come up when they are ready to go. Now you can really kind of tell when they are ready to harvest because you'll have a big vine, they'll start turning brown a little bit, it's usually when the nights are starting to get colder. You can just kind of check on them, dig them up and you'll find that you can grow your own sweet potatoes that easily. It's really a nice thing to do.