Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Greg McDonald. I'm a veterinarian in southern California. I have a veterinary hospital in Santa Barbara, California. Once again we're talking about animal care and the health of animals and so today we're going to kind of specialize a little bit in kennel cough. Now kennel cough is a disease that dogs get. They usually get it by being exposed to other dogs. And it gets its name because when dogs go to the kennel they're in close contact with other dogs. That's a frequent place for them to get it. Kennel cough is a combination of a virus to anti-bacteria that colonizes the trachea. And the first thing that owners notice is probably about three to four days after being kenneled they wind up starting to cough. And dogs that have this kennel cough will cough usually for about two weeks almost no matter what we do. Veterinarians like to get involved in treating it because occasionally a kennel cough could turn into a pneumonia. Fortunately we do have a vaccination. There's a great vaccination that we usually give every six months for those dogs that are being kenneled and having exposure to other dogs. And so we give a vaccination to prevent kennel cough. And most of the places where you're taking your dog to have them boarded or groomed require a current kennel cough vaccination. When your dog does start coughing and your veterinarian has a look at the dog for kennel cough they're going to want to listen to the heart and to the lungs and the chest.