Video transcription

How to delete a hard drive history. Typically we find that people may know how to delete their browsing history but they don't know how to delete the actual files that are on their computer from browsing the Internet. When you browse the Internet or use any programs, typically there are temporary files that are saved to your computer. And these can build up over time creating an actual time line and history over your computers usage. So what I'm going to show you now is how to go and find those files and delete them. The most common operating system that we find we work with is Windows XP so that's the one we're going to be using today. So the first thing we need to do is make sure that hidden files are show. So you're going to go into the Tools and Folder options menu. Then you're going to click View and then show hidden files and folders. Click apply and click OK. Once you have hidden files and folders shown we're going to go into your main C drive and you're going to find the main windows folder. It''ll warn you that these files are hidden and you're going to tell it to show them anyways. Once in here we want to find the TEMP folder. Now this is a relatively new computer so it shouldn't have that much in there. You see it does have a little bit in here but it's nothing drastic. So we're going to highlight everything. And you can just do that by CTRL A. And then you're going to press delete. Then you're going to click on yes. And it's going to go through and try and delete it. If it has a problem deleting a certain file or folder it'll tell you. Then you're going to click OK. You can hold control and left click that folder so that it doesn't try and delete it again. And we're going to try and delete everything but that. You may find that there are a few files that encounter this type of problem. And accordingly you're just going to deselect them and continue with the deletion process. Once done deleting everything possible out of that folder we're going to go back a directory and back one more. And then we're going to go into the documents and settings folder. Here you'll see a list of all the users that are on the computer. You're going to go into a user profile and then you're going to go into the local settings folder. Once there we're going to go into the TEMP folder. Once again, highlighting everything and deleting. Removing any problems it has deleting certain files and then continuing with the deletion process. You want to repeat this step for all users available. If they don't have a local settings folder it's fine, just move on to the next one. The other folder you want to go inside of local settings would be Temporary Internet files. Content. This is your Internet Explorer content. Lots of viruses like to try and hide in here and other problematic software, too. So we're going to go through there and delete everything also, everything that, we can actually delete the entire folder. Another one is your browsing history that's saved in cache folders as well. And once you've done this for all users you haven't completed the process. You want to make sure you empty the recycle bin. Otherwise all those items are still sitting on there.