Everything is low so we're going to start with our alkalinity, so we have to do our alkalinity. The alkalinity is a buffer to the PH, so before you put chlorine or anything else in your pool, you're alkalinity, your PH and your calcium are your three main factors. We're going to start with our alkalinity. I'm showing you this in small containers. This is a five pound, I can get them from five pounds up to fifty pounds. You could buy this at most of your local swimming pool stores that has supplies. We're going to open it up. Depending on what you're reading was, depends on how much you add. This is five pounds, we're going to start with five pounds and see what happens. Now we're back, three hours later. I recommend three hours before testing the water again, so that the alkalinity can get everything balanced, like it should, and we're going to retest. Ok, everything is looking great. Now, the chemical that I'm going to use in this pool, to maintain it all Summer, are the PristineBlue chemicals. If you want algae free, bacteria free and easy maintenance, this is the chemical for you.