Hi my name is Lauren and today I am here to discuss how to choose a hair color. The first thing that you want to take into consideration is what your every day life is, how dramatic you are, whether or not it will fit your personal style, if you want something a little bit more natural looking or whether you want a hair color that is a little bit more dramatic like she has. The more dramatic your hair color usually the more maintenance that is going to take place with it. If you have a red undertone to your skin you are going to want to stick with a warmer color. The warmer colors are actually going to compliment your skin tone a little bit better than something that is ash. What will happen is if you do two opposites, completely different ends of the spectrum, then an ashier color will actually make your skin look pinker or really bring out that red undertone because you are giving it something to go against. A more olive skin color is going to want to stick to something a little bit more on the ashier side. It is going to want, you can do a little bit more of a warmth but I wouldn't go past more of a matte color. What's going to happen is you want to stay away from putting two opposing colors right next to each other. Basically the warm against the ash is only going to enhance the warmth of your hair and the ash of your skin coloring. So again if you have a bit of a pink undertone or a red undertone stick with your warmer colors because you will find that it will compliment your skin coloring and it will actually make it look a little bit more vibrant and a little bit more lusterful and that is how to choose your hair color.