Video transcription

Newborn kittens look like newborn kittens. They have fur, their coat is usually dry. They're just really little, small. But also their eyes aren't opened, and you can...they won't open until about seven to ten days of age. They can't walk, newborn kittens can't get up and walk. It's not like a horse or a cow, that after, if you've seen movies of, you know, or a deer, a new fawn being born and within minutes they're almost seeming like they're up and walking around. Kittens don't do that. It takes about two weeks for them to actually get going and walking. First of all, there's no place, if they did, if they can't see, it's not very appropriate for them to be walking around. So, they're hanging out with the mom. They have all their fur. Their ears are usually closed, eyes are closed, and they....their umbilical cord, also, there might be a little stub where the belly button is. There shouldn't be anything swollen or ballooning out. That might be considered a hernia. But they should look like a fairly normal cat, just tiny.