Signs and symptoms of pneumonia in babies first of all is usually diagnosed with a doctor listening to the child's chest and it's decreased breath sounds or could have abnormal noise in the lungs, kind of a rattly type sound. The baby will present with increased respiratory rate because he's trying to get in more oxygen. The airways may have narrowed down with mucus so he's havin' to breathe heavier and more rapidly to be able to bring in more air to exchange the oxygen for the carbon dioxide. The child could also cough, have a fever of course, be restless, it may have trouble having food intake. Sometimes you might see vomiting in children that are having a half-fever and they're drinking milk or formula. They may have troubles sleeping and resting. They may be irritable but the signs and symptoms are unusually diagnosed by especially a licensed physician that will have a, could even have x-rays and blood work. But normally you can hear it with a stethoscope with osculation over the chest wall.