Let's talk about weaning kittens. Generally speaking most kittens are going to nurse until they're about 4 weeks of age, after that is when they're going to start lapping up or wanting more solid food. If you have orphan kittens and you're using something like kitten milk replacer to feed them, that's when you want to start putting it in a bowl and letting them lap that up; at about 4weeks, 41/2 weeks. When they start eating solids then their digestive system can deal with that, that's when you want to start adding more on the lines of dry food in their dry kitten food that's wet around 4 about 41/2 to 5 weeks of age if they're doing well with that. At about 6 weeks of age they're generally ok to be weaned from the mother. It's better if you have a litter to probably wean them at 8 weeks of age that is you know give them away, or find homes for them at 8 weeks of age so they can still get a little bit of that play time with that litter between 6 and 8 weeks of age. So technically at 6 weeks they're pretty much able to go 8 weeks is better for weaning.