Hello. My name is Summer Bellessa with ELIZA magazine and I'm here today to show you how to clean a suede bag. What you're going to need, dependent on how serious of a stain or dirt is on your bag, you will need a clean towel or a unscented baby wipe. You can also buy a specific degreaser for suede if it's a really tough stain that you have to get out. So, I'd start with your dry clean towel, and just agitate the bottom or wherever the stain is or the dirt, and a lot of times that will get the dirt out. If it's a little more serious, you can turn to the unscented baby wipe and press it on the stain. And then lastly I would try the degreaser, if that didn't work. And then you can always turn to a professional--a leather care professional. Sometimes it's worth it to spend that extra money if it's a very valuable bag and you just can't get the stain off. So, I'm Summer Bellessa, and that is how to care for a suede bag.