Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveen, and next we're going to talk all about growing Ice Plant, or Lampranthus. It's a beautiful plant from South Africa that grows well in many different conditions. I love the Ice Plant, or Lampranthus, because it makes just kind of a ground cover. And when I went down to San Diego a few years back, I say them everywhere. They're on the side of the road, in between the medians. And apparently they're actually becoming a big problem down there, because they're taking over a lot of the native plant areas. So they're one of the plants that you almost have to be careful with. You don't want to put 'em next to any natural areas, or, here in the Northwest they don't seem to grow quite as quickly, 'cause they pretty much will die back in the winter quite a bit, and, they don't grow in the winter months. So they stay a little more controllable here. But if you live in a warmer climate, definitely be careful where you plant 'em so that they don't just take over. The best part about the Ice Plant or the Lampranthus, is that they grow with very little care. And you can just rip off a piece of it, and you can get new starts. And there's really no root portion, because even the stems will re-root themselves as soon as you plant 'em again. So when I kind of move 'em to different areas, I just kind of cover 'em up. As long as even if you've got a runner that's a little bit longer, and you cover it up, as long as parts of those are coming out of the ground, they will start new plants. Ice Plant is so easy to grow. They don't need hardly any water, although I do water 'em a bit. And they'll grow whether I take care of 'em or not. And they have such cute little purple flowers. I think they're really cute. And they're growing where I couldn't get anything else to grow. They love the hottest sections near your succulents, or, some part where it's near the sidewalk where nothing else is growing, they'll grow really well. So if you want a nice plant for hot sun, that makes almost a ground cover, for the edge of your beds or even near the sidewalk, they're a beautiful plant. So look into Ice Plant of Lampranthus. But be careful to grow it only where you can take control of it, because eventually it can take over.