Video transcription

In this clip we're going to make an African animal headdress. It sits on top of your head quite neatly like this. And some African tribes believe that if you wear an animal in your headdress, it gives you the power of that animal. So this should give me the power not to forget. For this project you will need some brightly colored card or you could use some left over wallpaper, some felt tip pens, a stapler and some glue and scissors. The first piece of card needs to be long and narrow. It could be enough, cut up a piece of old wallpaper. Measure it round your head and put a stapler in it straight away so that you haven't lost that measurement. I'm just going to put two in to make it strong. You can check it. Yep, that fits fine. That's good. If you want to decorate this strip, you can decorate it however you like. You can draw on it, stick bits on it, make it really fancy. I'm going to put some sticky back plastic on it all the way around so it makes it really pretty and shiny. I'm going to make a lion and he's going to be red. A roaring red lion. So I've got a large piece of paper, a big piece of craft paper, quite large, folded in half. Now then, this is a bit you're going to have to think about a little bit. You're going to draw a letter M on the card and then round and down at that end. It's sort of like an M. That is the shape you need to remember because those will be the back legs and those will be the front legs when you cut it out. Because it's folded in half, you're cutting out double, so make sure you go through both layers and be careful with your scissors. Up the back legs, round that lovely tummy, and then down the front legs. So now we should have a lion's body with four legs on it. Oh yes. I thing that's going to work. Get another piece of card ready. I'll draw on that the way I think a lion's head should look. It's sort of round. I'll hold it up so that you can see. It's sort of round and then at the top I'm going to go zig zag, zig zag, zig zag, zig zag, zig zag, zig zag. That's its hair or its mane. Now its face. A friend of mine once showed me that you do a V and another V. That's going to be its eyes. The eyes go in the middle there. Is that starting to look like a lion? I think it is. Now I'm going down because he's got a very long, strange nose and here's where his mouth goes. And lions often have whiskers. That's where the dots for the whiskers come out. Dots for the whiskers. And I'm just going to do his little bit of a tongue sticking out there. He's a friendly lion this one. Nothing to be frightened of. Right, now I'm going to cut him out. So here's the body. Now this is a little bit of a fiddly bit here, but I know you can do it. I'm going to look at the body. That's his neck. I'm going to do a little chop there. So that bit will fold out like that. And that's where you're going to staple on the head. You might need a grown up to help you with this, but I think you can do it if you've used a stapler before. There it is held against the head and so the stapler needs to go around both pieces and the same at the other side, round both pieces. And that's fixed on quite firmly. And then you can decorate the lion's body if you want to. Make him a big, fierce lion. This is where we fix him onto your headband that we know already fits your head. So first we staple the front leg on, and then the other front leg. So you're going to need four staples. Then we go to the back legs. And that's how to make a growling lion African headdress.