Video transcription

In this clip, we're going to make a fierce paper dragon. For this clip, we need some strips of plastic cut from an old plastic bag. Some brightly colored card or printing paper, felt tip pen, scissors, stapler, sticky tape and glue. A plastic bag from the vegetable shop and some small pieces of white card. So, you need a long piece of card or two pieces of card stapled together. Fold it in half and then fold it back on itself. That piece falls back to there, turn it over and that piece goes back to there. So, we've got a W shape you could say. And get the stapler and fold and staple those two edges together. One, two. And on the other side, those two edges together. And the other part of the W, the same thing. And then we'll check it on our hands to make sure we've left enough room for your fingers to get in. Two staples here, one, two. Put it on your hands, lots of fingers in there and your thumb in the bottom and make sure it opens and shuts. Yes, it does. Right. The last rows, look at the top half of your mouth and do a chop and a stop, chop and a stop, chop and a stop and a chop and a stop. Just of four of those. Get your hand into the top piece and wag it in those chops and stops, pushing through on the nose. And that will make some nice shaped nostrils. Push that one through on the nose and there you've got the nostrils. Now, let's look at the eyes. You need to cut out some pieces of card, which will fit up there. But we're going to do eyelashes around them, which will make them a little bit more splendid and dragon-like. One piece on there and cut around it, but cut around it big much bigger than you need it to be. That's good, one for each and then just frill around by cutting a little fringe all the way around so those can make it have beautiful long eyelashes. Lots of glue and push them on. Spot of glue and push it on and then you can get your felt tip pen to do the center of the eye. Just leave a little bit of a shine to the eye there. One bits deliberately missed, so it looks as if his eyes are shiny and bright. You can outline round it as well. That top flap just fold it up and you need some glue along the flap that you just folded up and that's where the eyes are going to sit. Hold the eye in place and count to ten. You have to make sure it's glued well. I've gotten both in place now and I'm counting, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Let go and if you're lucky, they've stayed. That's looking good. Now then, we need a tongue. So you can cut it as long as you like, but bring it to a point at one end and then, if you're good with your scissors, you can hold the tongue between the scissors and your finger and pull and that gives the tongue a little bit of a curl. Just needs the glue at the base of the tongue, nowhere else. Open it please. I'll put the tongue in and now the teeth. I've cut up two white triangles of paper which again just need a little fold and a little fold back. Thats where the glue goes and this'll be another count ten job. Glue in place. Glue in place and then when the mouth's open wide, you can put your teeth there and count to ten. Gather together the pieces you've cut from an old plastic bag, recycling. You need five or six for each side of the mouth and these are looking like fire. Once you've got them gathered together, secure them with a little bit of sticky tape so they won't go flying off and then staple them in place. Bit of sticky tape just stops them separating. You need one of those for each side of the mouth and then your job's just about done. I'm fixing those into the corner of the mouth and just stapling them. This will help to cover your hand and also add a bit more interest when they're moving. You can add on as much fancy decoration as you like after that. And I found this vegetable bag at my greengrocer's which makes a rather wonderful body and helps to hide your hand. And that's how to make your Chinese dragon. Yay!