Video transcription

Hello there I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae and I am going to show you five basic techniques to use in massage. Now of course the first massage technique you want to start with is something very gentle and relaxing and you are going to prepare the client to take nice deep breaths and to accept this touch. So you want to start out with something called efflorage and that is the French word for to glide and these are nice uninterrupted gliding strokes. You can use your whole palm of your hand, you can use your fists. Just very gentle, very relaxing, not too deep at all, that comes later. Now the second technique is called petrisage and this means to knead and you are going to use your two hands and sort of a lifting up motion of the tissue and this really allows movement in between the muscle fibers and increases circulation and is very very relaxing, just like you are kneading some dough. Just lift up that tissue and get it right between those hands just like that. There we go and the next massage technique is called friction and what you are going to do is friction means compression and circular movements so you are going to compress in a circular motion. Create friction there and let these muscle fibers move over each other and then loosen up so friction is the third muscle technique. There we go and the fourth one is called vibration and this is a great way to wake up all those muscle and nerve tissues. This is really fast and usually this is used a lot in sports massage right before an athlete goes to perform and it really wakes them up and prepares them to perform at their best. Just going to do some vibration just like that and then the very last basic technique is called percussion or tapotament. Now this is a technique in which both hands are used alternately and you can do this in three forms. You can use hacking which is you are using your wrists right on the belly of the fiber tissue right along the erector spinae which is the main most superficial back muscle so you can use tapotament, you can use fist beating like that or cupping so those are alternate movements with your hands and those were the five basic massage techniques. I hope you learned a little bit today. I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae. Take care.