Video transcription

Did you know that color can influence your mood? I'm Sundae, with Natural Sundae, and I'm here to give you some tips on decorating a massage room. Now, the first thing you need to consider, is using the color, a very relaxing color, and greens and blues, usually work very well for this purpose. The second thing you want to consider, is the furniture that you use, and you want to make sure that you provide ease of movement around the room, for your client. You also want to make sure that this furniture provides you with enough storage space for your equipment, and your supplies. You want to provide a chair for your client to sit in, as well as something to hang their clothing from. You also want to provide your client with a place to put their belongings, as well as a glass of water. Another very important thing to remember when you decorate your massage room, is to put your table in a place that affords you, very efficient and comfortable movement. You want to be able to have enough room to give a nice massage. You also want to make sure that if the floor that you're standing on is slippery, that you put a carpet underneath your table, so it does not slide, when you're giving a massage, and a very important thing to consider, is the accessories that you use in your room. Things that you can use, are candles, pictures, fountains, and mirrors, and something that I personally have found very wonderful for my clients, is an aromatherapy room spray, and my company, Natural Sundae, makes nine varieties of these natural aromatherapy room sprays, and these really provide your client, a really nice opportunity, to take a really nice, deep clean breath, and that really sets the mood, for a nice massage, so I'm Sundae, with Natural Sundae, and good luck.