Video transcription

Hello, my name's Rebecca Herrick, I'm here to discuss how to give a deep tissue rhythmic massage. A deep tissue massage is anything beyond the superficial muscle layers. There's many ways to get through those superficial muscle layers to address a deeper muscle issue that may be going on. Throughout any massage you always want to have a rhythm and a flow to your technique. It helps to encourage relaxation in the person, the different rhythms of the body would be the heart rate and also the breathing rate. So, working with deep tissue along with the clients breath rate is a really great way to help the client to relax and allow you to get deeper into the massage. So, an example of that would be watching the inhalation and exhalation of your client, and as they exhale applying the pressure at that point. That's one way that you can show rhythmic deep tissue massage. Another way is by incorporating tapotement. This sends a vibration deep into the muscle tissue layers. This is great to use when you can't get through the superficial muscle layers. And those are two examples of rhythmic deep tissue massage.