In this video clip we will be going through step two of our painting process. Since we have new outlets that have already been put in and we don't want to get any paint on them, an easy way to keep us from accidentally doing that is just take a piece of tape and cover up our outlets. In addition we have a new GFCI Reciprocal that was put in, we don't want to risk getting any paint on that. So just a piece of tape in front of it should be sufficient. Depending on how steady your hand is will determine how much taping needs to be done. Another area that you'll want to tape is around the counter top. You just want to get the tape as closest to the wall as possible. If you're not removing the mirror to paint you can always put a little bit of tape right along the edge of the mirror just to help you so you don't accidentally get paint on it. Another place that you may want to tape is around any cabinetry. Here we have the vanity.