Video transcription

Hello, my name is Rebecca Herrick. I'm here at Everything Peaceful in Wilmington, North Carolina, where I practice massage therapy. One of the best things we can offer to our clients is a customize treatment and the easiest way to do that is by customizing a massage oil for them. Pretty much, when you're going to create a customize massage oil, you're going to need a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil or peanut oil or any kind of oil based, jojoba oil, something with no scent and something also that's hypoallergenic preferably. And you would pour the carrier oil about, you know, a couple different ounces, you know, four ounces maybe, into a bottle and then you can add aromatherapy oils or essential oils which are derived from plants and create an aromatherapy oil. Usually you want to have a variation of about four ounces to, about ten drops, you usually don't want to go over three different ingredients as far as different essential oils that you're going to use. Aromatherapy should also be very light, it shouldn't be overpowering. And there are further certifications that you can get to become an expert at aromatherapy. But you can always experiment and you know, try out different things as far as creating your own massage oils would go. Important thing, most important thing to remember is to have the hypoallergenic carrier oil as a larger ratio to an essential oil, a few drops here and there of that. And that would be how you create a massage oil.