Video transcription

Tom Boyer, Chalk Creek Boers, talking about how to clip your goat for show. Several steps are included in the process of getting a goat ready for show by clipping it. One is we generally like to wash those goats at home to make sure that the hair is all lying in one direction, that there's no excess dirt in the hair so that it clips easily. Then we get the goat on the stand. Then we'd use a clipper like this Escalope clipper with a fine goat hair comb, twenty-four tooth comb or other combs can be used on the Premier clippers. There's several makes of clippers that you can use with a clipper head on them. Clear down to surgical blades that would take the hair right down to the skin. We like to leave a little bit of hair, so that the goats can be protected from sun and cold and other weather elements as well as it protects them from some disease they can pick up from the shows. The other clippers that we like to use are these smaller ones. We use these around the head, the ears, and the legs in order to make those areas blend in smoothly with the rest of the clip job.