Video transcription

So with my work specifically I charge by the session. For large work it's 300 dollars a session. A piece like this that took about ten sessions to complete, he's a large guy and it's a big back and it's really involved, lots of lighting effects and textures and details, whereas this piece that only took three sessions to complete, so it really varies from piece to piece. This portrait I completed in one session, an even smaller one, since it wasn't a very big piece I didn't charge the person the entirety of the session fee, same thing with this one on the top. So something like this little cat one, I charge about 150 dollars for, this one was a little bit more so I charged like 200 dollars for that. On this one it's both of his calves, each of them took two sessions to complete, one of lining and shading and then another one of additional layers of white and gray tones. This side piece, that took four sessions, so this piece, this took four sessions to complete, there's actually a lot more to it, it goes all the way down his arm, and this piece cost 1200 dollars. Tattooing isn't a taxable service so there's not any tax included in that, and it's broken up into payments, each session you pay 300 dollars, and then the grand total ends up being whatever the accumulative session fee was. This piece took one session to do, that was 300 dollars, this piece didn't take but maybe an hour or so, I charged him right around 100 bucks. And this piece being way more involved it took right around ten sessions, so this was including a tip upwards of 3000 dollars.