Video transcription

Now, I'm going to show you how to cut the strips for our shaggy rug. You'll need to cut off the legs of some old jeans. For every inch, you need one strip of shag rug, so in each leg usually will yield you three strips. So, you want to keep that in mind for each pair of jeans, you'll probably get six strips. This is how you prepare it. You take your jeans leg and first we'll start by cutting off that heavy hem. And, you can choose to cut your strips, we're going to make five inch wide strips and my rug is twenty three inches long, so you want to make sure that you have the right length there. Now, you can get two different looks, if you want a torn off look, then you're going to tear your jeans and you'll need to look at the weave of the fabric and see how it's going, where's the straight part of the weave, and make a little cut. And, then grasp it and tear it and that will give you a kind of a fuzzy edge to the rug there, to your strip. And, then measure five inches and take another snip and again rip that pants. O.k, so there's one strip and what you do is you fold it in half and you cut little snips about half way down, about an inch in. Our strip folded in half is about two and a half inches wide and we're going to cut into it about an inch, and go down in approximately inch intervals or less, depending upon how you want your shaggy rug to look. You can do it any, at any interval you want, you can just make little snips here. O.k, now that's a completed strip. Now, from the pants you want to get another strip out of it, so we'll take off another five inches here. And, then what we have left is a piece that when folded will give us one more strip, it will have this seam piece in it but that's fine because it will be hidden. So, you'll get your, another five inch piece here and then you'll make one more strip here and that will be three from one leg. O.k, the strip that you end up, left over, the one with the seam needs to be trimmed so that it's five inches even all the way down, and an easy way to do that is to take a five inch strip that you've already finished, and lay it on top and then just with the scissor, trim anything that's too big. That makes it a lot easier than remeasuring and measuring each of those pieces. So, you can just lay it on top, use your five inch strip that you already have as a pattern and just trim off that excess. So, from that one leg we have three strips for our rug, that's three inches of rug.