Video transcription

In this clip we are going to see a way of making a paper mask. For this clip you will need a piece of, strong paper card in a nice color, a stapler, a pen to draw with, a sticky stick some scissors and a long strip of card. We start of with a piece of card and check that it is about the same size as your face. Now the first thing that I like to be able to do is make my nose so that it sticks out so right in the middle I am just going to draw two lines like and equal sign and join them at the bottom. You might need a grownup to help you with this little bit because you need your scissors to get right in the middle. You can fold it to help you though, that will be one chop on that line and that gives me a chance to get my scissors in to the center and chop up there, down to the bottom and along and back up the other line, now check it again to your face again because that should your nose room to stick yes my nose is not too big. Feel where your eyes are while you are there my eyes are about here I am keeping my fingers in the right place. Do not lose the place that is a dot and a dot that is where I need the holes for the eyes. Now for the eyes I am going to just draw a semicircle and a semicircle. And we need the scissors again and we need to get right into the middle of the card again so we can do that little fold and chop, that gives us chance to get the scissors in but be very very careful of your fingers. There is another one we need to fold it and chop then the scissors can go in and be very very careful of those fingers, we do not want to hurt anybody, now that is the eye holes instead of cutting it right away I am going to leave them there I can slide my scissors in and just do some chops and stops up there some chops and stops up there I don't know any you can guess what these are going to be. It is the eyelashes. You might want to color them in a little bit with your pen so that they will be nice and dark, you can color in the eyelashes and then we are going to lift them up and your mask character will able to go to sleep like that when it wants to or open his eyes nice and wide. When the eyes are wide open you can see. Or you can close them up and go to sleep. There we are let's open them up for the moment and think where the mouth needs to be down here under the nose so let's draw, a nice straight I think I will have a smiley mouth today, I like a mouth that smiles to cheer me up so. Nice straight line there, this is where we have to get the scissors in so it is the fiddly bit just fold along the line and so a chop and stop that gives us chance to get the scissors in and cut up there and then down and round the smiley mouth and I think I will make that into a double cut because at the moment it is just a very thin smile, that makes it a little bit wider and we got the basics of a mask face and you can decorate it however you want it might turn into a pirate it might turn into a princess it might become a clown I think I want a clown today, so I will do his eyebrows nice and high up I will color his nose in, and I think on the cheeks I have seen clowns that do kind of hearts he's a clown like that with a nice heart decoration on his cheeks and this one is going to have a funny little. Pair of lips like that and a oh I think that will be enough. You can color that however you want. For the moment it is square at the top so that does not look quite right so lets just cut off those sticking out corners and at the bottom cut out that sticking out corner and the next thing is we have got to find a way of fixing it on to our heads and that is why we have got this very long strip. So put the strip behind the face just about level with the eyes, and staple it. Then you need perhaps a little bit of help to put it on your face all the way around and measure where it needs to be at the other side, don't I look peculiar now. Take it off keep a tight hold and that is where you need staple number two and make it into your own character as a paper mask, but do not frighten anybody too much with it will you. That is how to make a paper mask.